Corporate events

Turku Cricket Club is able to arrange corporate team building days built around cricket activities. Three basic formats exist but we can also provide customized events to meet your needs. Please fill in our contact form or send us an email directly if you are interested in knowing more about our corporate events. Our standard packages are presented below.

THE FULL MONTY – Want to get the full package and get the most out of the day?

A full corporate cricket day includes a presentation on the history, culture and rules of cricket and how the game is played. This is followed by basic training in the arts of batting, bowling and fielding. After completing the information and training we organize a cricket match for participants where they are able to put their newfound skills to the test. TCC members can be drafted in if numbers are too low. (generally 12 is a minimum). The day includes a traditional curry lunch plus refreshments.

Time required: Usually 9 Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (can be amended if necessary)
Cost: 50€ per participant (includes lunch and drinks)

HALF MONTYJust need some instructions and not hungry?

If time is short you can skip the presentation and lunch and go straight into learning the basic skills. This is followed by a cricket match where TCC members can also participate if numbers are too low.

Time: 4 hours
Cost: 30€ per participant (includes drinks)

FORGET MONTYForget the rest we just want to play!

So you really just want to hit the leather off a cricket ball! We can arrange a cricket match for you to have some fun with your colleagues or friends. We will provide equipment and umpires to help you with the rules.

Time: Three Hours
Cost: 20€ per participant (includes drinks)